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Child-Turcotte-Pugh Classification of Liver Disease

for Health Care Providers

Child-Turcotte-Pugh Classification of Liver Disease

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Points Assigned
Grade A = Total score 5-6
Grade B = Total score 7-9
Grade C = Total score 10-15
AscitesAbsentSlight (or diuretic responsive)Moderate/Tense (or refractory to diuretics)
EncephalopathyNoneGrade 1-2 (or precipitant induced)Grade 3-4 (or chronic)
Bilirubin (mg/dL)<22-3>3
Albumin (mg/dL)>3.52.8-3.5<2.8
Prothrombin time (seconds over control) or INRPT: 1-3
INR: <1.7
PT: 4-6
INR: 1.7-2.3
PT: >6
INR: >2.3

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