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ARVs: Food Requirements

for Health Care Providers

ARVs: Food Requirements

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ARV ClassNo Food RestrictionsTake with FoodTake on Empty Stomach
  • 3TC
  • ABC
  • d4T
  • FTC
  • TDF
  • ZDV
ddI: gastric acid impairs absorption; take 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal (if coadministered with TDF, may be taken with food)
  • DLV
  • NVP
  • ETR: take after a meal
  • RPV: take with a full meal
  • EFV: fat increases absorption and may increase the risk of EFV adverse effects
  • RPV: gastric acid required for absorption; in addition, RPV levels significantly decreased if not taken with full meal
  • FPV
  • LPV/r (tablets)
  • TPV
  • ATV
  • DRV
  • NFV
  • RTV
  • SQV
IDV: heavy meals interfere with absorption; if unboosted, IDV should be taken 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal; may be taken with a light, nonfatty, snack; if boosted with RTV, IDV may be taken with or without food
Integrase InhibitorRAL
Entry Inhibitor
  • ENF
  • MVC

From Food and Supplements: ARV Interactions
Primary Care of Veterans with HIV
Office of Clinical Public Health Programs
Veterans Health Administration, 2009