for Veterans and the Public

Questions to ask your provider about your diagnosis

To help you understand your diagnosis, here is a list of questions to ask your provider. You can print this page and take it with you to your appointments.

  • How much experience do you have treating HIV?
  • What do my lab tests say about the health of my immune system?
  • How will you keep track of my immune system's health?
  • When should I start taking anti-HIV drugs?
  • What can I do to prevent complications, such as opportunistic infections, and stay healthy?
  • What are the signs that I might be getting an opportunistic infection or AIDS-related cancer?
  • How can I protect my sex partner(s) or injection drug partner(s) from getting HIV?
  • Are there certain daily habits I should change in order to help me stay healthy?
  • How much exercise should I aim for?